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Sustenance Engineering

EngineeringSuccessful software products create their own challenges - demand for new features, latest technology, pressure to minimize upgrade problems and reduce prices. Companies sustaining software products must upgrade software faster, minimize bugs with each release, support customers at all levels, and maintain satisfaction levels.

Post-market existence comprises the majority of the lifecycle of a software product and must be scientifically maintained in order to manifest the product's full capability and return on investment. While you focus on innovation and developing new products, SVK Infotech takes the responsibility of nurturing your existing and mature products. SVK Infotech helps you to reduce the cost of ownership and maximize ROI for the existing product lines by releasing your valuable resources for developing new products. As a specialist in product engineering, we understand the critical role that Sustenance engineering plays in the product's long-term success.

SVK Infotech can take on the entire Sustaining Engineering process, including:

  • Enhancements and bug fixing
  • Service packs release and patch tracking
  • Forward/backward porting to merge enhancements with the core product development efforts Coordination with development teams for future releases

SVK Infotech key services include:

  • Level 2 - Product Support
    Involves technical personnel with access to the software code base through which they can recreate user problems and devise workarounds
  • Level 3 - Product Maintenance
    Involves technical personnel who manage the code, make code changes, release periodic patches and deliver permanent solutions

SVK Infotech can manage the entire process and provide other related services, such as:

  • Scripting assistance (creation and troubleshooting)
  • Assistance during customer migrations to new releases
  • Documentation of known solutions for inclusion in knowledge repository
  • Performance testing of customer situations
  • Support for multiple customer versions, including multi-lingual versions