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Geospatial Services & Solutions

What We DoSVK Infotech Technologies offers a range of Geospatial Services right from consulting till, designing, development, implementation and maintenance to help your organization to efficiently develop and manage your Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and related requirements.

Our services are based on our extensive experience in the various domains and our skilled resource pool caters to photogrammetric mapping; GIS consulting and data conversion, application development and Enterprise GIS, the experience and our technological expertise together we offer very high end services from planning to deployment, maintenance and support.

We offer high quality data conversion and migration and customized application development. Our data conversion services are based on proven standards and tools. Our comprehensive range of GIS implementation services include development of the technology that drive your data and makes it available for optimum use.

GIS Consulting Services

The very first step in implementing an effective GIS is to understand the business process and develop a plan that meets your business needs. Our teams of experts not only do the planning, they also streamline your business process according to the proven standards, setting up a systematic guideline and create tools and procedures required to meet your goals.

We provide our clients with turnkey solutions in some of the following areas:

  • GIS Implementation Plan Development
  • Enterprise Database Integration and Implementation
  • Early Warning System Solutions
  • Hardware and Software Recommendations
  • Licensing and Purchasing Guidance
  • Review and Enhancement of existing Business Practices
Data Conversion / Digitization

The greatest single cost in implementing a GIS is the conversion of large volume printed maps to digital format. SVK Infotech works with clients to develop conversion specifications and provides high quality digitizing and scanning services with complete data verification to assure the value of this investment.

Final output is available in all major GIS formats:

  • Data Cleaning and Validation
  • Custom Data Translation
  • Cartographic Plotting
  • Off-shore GIS Management

For public and private organizations that require GIS functionality, but don't have the necessary technology or trained personnel, SVK Infotech will design and implement GIS projects and actively manage and operate projects on our extensive systems to fulfill client information and analysis needs.

Geodatabase Design Management

Traditionally, GIS users have depended upon files (usually ESRI's shape file or computer aided drafting files such as DGN/DWG) to store geographic information. Despite their ease-of-use, file-based GIS data storage methods do not provide the performance, security, and availability necessary for a GIS to support an enterprise's business goals. Centrally located "enterprise geodatabases" can deliver immediate benefits to both the users and GIS data agencies: significantly reduced data development and management costs, controlled access to valid and current geo-spatial information, simplified data maintenance workflows, and more productive use of GIS throughout the enterprise.

Database update services are one of SVK Infotech core competencies and go beyond just geo-database design & creation. Providing these services involves periodic enhancement and maintenance of the geo-databases, to ensure that these assets remain current and reflect physical changes in the real world as accurately as possible.

Specifically, the services include:

  • Geospatial enabling of legacy databases
  • Enhancing existing geo-databases in terms of realigning geometric shapes to ensure positional accuracy, conflation, and retaining and/or updating of attribute information.
  • Allowing interoperability of geo-databases for different data formats and software platforms.

SVK Infotech geo-database experts have successfully guided our clients from isolated file-based GIS to highly available, highly scalable, and extremely high performance geo-database implementations. We provide expertise in all major geo-database architectures, with specific emphasis on:

  • ESRI ArcSDE for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g Locator and Spatial Options.